Modelling Sovereign Risk Transmission in Europe

This website provides additional interactive resources to accompany the research paper What's Mine is Yours: Sovereign Risk Transmission during the European Debt Crisis by Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo, Viet Nguyen and Yongcheol Shin

The paper is part of an Australian Research Council funded project on credit risk transmission in the global economy

The paper applies existing tools for the analysis of statistical distributions to track the transmission of sovereign risk in Europe

The output from the model is an approximation of the European sovereign risk network which tracks its evolution over time

Under the Network Visualisations tab we provide several graphical illustrations which demonstrate the evolution of the European sovereign risk network between January 2006 and July 2015

  • Animated heatmaps showing time-variation in the sovereign risk network
  • Animated density plots showing the evolution of the spillover density
  • Comparative density plots
  • Contour plots
  • Box plots giving extra detail on bilateral spillovers among the GIIPS sovereigns
  • Divergence criteria to highlight periods when the shape of the spillover density changes

    Under the Methodology tab we provide a sketch of the estimation methodology

    Under the Dataset tab we describe the data used to construct the network

    Under the About Us tab you can find links to our instutional and personal websites

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