International Spillovers of European Bank Bailouts & Sovereign Risk

This website provides additional interactive resources to accompany the research paper On the International Spillover Effects of Country-Specific Financial Sector Bailouts and Sovereign Risk Shocks by Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo, Viet Nguyen and Eliza Wu

The paper is part of an Australian Research Council funded project on credit risk transmission in the global economy

The paper combines sign-restricted VAR models with techniques from the empirical network modelling literature to measure the international transmission of structurally-identified financial sector bailout and sovereign risk shocks

Under the Network Visualisations tab we provide several graphical illustrations of the cross-border pattern of credit risk spillovers in Europe between January 2006 and July 2015

  • Pairwise impulse response functions showing how bailout shocks and sovereign risk shocks transmit from one country to another
  • Spillover tables showing the overall pattern of spillovers for all ten countries together

    Under the Methodology tab we provide a sketch of the estimation methodology

    Under the Dataset tab we describe the data used to construct the network

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